Nearly a century of quality air-moving history

Since 1921, Gast Manufacturing, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing quality air-moving products. Our vacuum pumps, compressors, air motors, gear motors, vacuum generators, regenerative blowers and Smart Air technology meet the many challenging applications of OEMs and end-users worldwide. For industrial manufacturing, health care lab, or environmental cleanup applications, Gast provides a full range of ideally suited and cost-effective solutions to any pneumatic problem.

  • Full product portfolio

In 1998, Gast was acquired by IDEX Corporation and is part of the IDEX Health Science Technologies segment. IDEX, an acronym for Innovation, Diversity and EXcellence, manufactures proprietary pump products, dispensing equipment, and other engineered products for a variety of global markets.
In 2006, Gast acquired JUN-AIR, the leading provider of quiet compressors for laboratories, dental clinics, medical, beverage, graphic and industrial applications worldwide. As a result, our customers can take advantage of the broad product portfolios of both companies to solve their application requirements from the component level through complete compressor solutions.

  • Global reach

Gast is an international supplier with manufacturing and logistical facilities located regionally in support of our global customers. We are committed to conforming to global manufacturing standards in the areas of health, safety, environmental, and consumer protection.

Expertise, quality, and customer service

At Gast, we are proud of our 90-year history of leadership in the design and manufacture of high-quality air-moving products. We are even more proud of the positive impact we make on our customers’ products. Achieving a leadership position in a complex industry is not a simple task. We have done it by adhering to some simple principles: understand the industry better than anyone else, make better products than anyone else, and serve the customer better than anyone else.