EGMO uses advanced production methods in its 10,000 sq.m. plant, together with its broad experience, guarantees superior quality products.

EGMO has an established reputation in the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, bio-chemical and food industries.

EGMO is ISO 9001:2008 & CE certified, and its products also meet the following standards:

  • TUV
  • DIN
  • SMS
  • BS / RJT

Innovation, Reliability and Service combined with top quality products are what EGMO offers its clients, and it is this that has earned EGMO itsĀ  world-wide reputation.

We at EGMO, invite you to view our catalog and to contact us at our offices for further information regarding our products

Main Products :

  • Stainless steel tubular fittings
  • Clamp fittings
  • Screwed pipe joints
  • Adapters
  • Butterfly valves
  • Single seat valves
  • Sample valves
  • Actuators pneumatic and air operated
  • Customized components
  • Stainless Steel tubes and raw material

Planning & Building :
Operations include:

  • Custom designed process systems for the pharmaceutical, bio-chemical, food and other industries.
  • Stainless Steel vessels in all sizes and types, up to 70,000 liters.
  • Heat exchangers
  • Planning and building production systems requiring Stainless Steel tubing
  • Machinery layout and assembly of Stainless Steel installations