04 Series Regulator26-1000 Series Regulator26-1500 Series Regulator26-1600 Series Regulator26-2000 Series Regulator 44-1100 Series Regulator 44-1800 Series Regulatorr 44-2200 Series Regulator 44-2200F Series Regulator (Europe and Middle East only)44-2600 Series Regulator 44-2800 Series Regulator44-3400 Series Regulato

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High Purity Gases

TESCOM regulators are designed to meet high gas purity needs for Semiconductor, Photovoltaic, Nanotechnology, Flat Panel Display and Pharmaceutical Bioprocess applications. 12 Series Regulator 15 Series Regulator 23 Series Regulator 22-2200 Series Regulator 22-5400 Series Regulator 449-254 Series Regulator 64-2600 Series Regu

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Medical Gases

TESCOM medical gas regulators are designed to be used in breathing gas, anesthetics and diagnostic applications in the medical and healthcare industries. Central Gas Pressure RegulatorsWegaMedWegaMed 300 WegaMed Compact WegaMed EntonoxZ-Werk

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