You Get Ultra High Purity Gas Handling Systems Your Way…With Safety And Savings

There’s a reason why people call Applied Energy Systems about ultra high purity gas specialty equipment and gas handling systems and say, “I hear you’re the people to go to.”

Actually, there are five reasons :

  1. You are turning to one company to do it all: from design, manufacture of specialty gas equipment, and testing of ultra high purity gas handling systems to installation and worldwide field services along with the required specialized welding.
    We have increased our high purity water and gas delivery system manufacturing capabilities.
    Our new building increases our facility to 32,000 SF.
  2. You can bank on a conservative, well-managed company that’s been around since 1968. We pass along the savings in gas handling systems to you.
  3. You get it done right the first time. As a specialized, integrated company, we’ve completed hundreds of these ultra high purity gas handling systems worldwide.
  4. You connect with people who have a passion for precision welding, our core competency.
    You’ll find the rigorous standards that welding demands in our attention to getting all the details right in the UHP gas handling systems we manufacture and install.
  5. You can have confidence in our competent specialists who have first-hand experience in industries such as semiconductor, aerospace, optoelectronics, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and others.

You gain the ultra high purity gas delivery system that’s right for your special application…delivered on time. And there’s more…

You get a put-the-risk-on-our-shoulders guarantee.We guarantee for one year all the fully automatic gas handling systems we provide — from design through installation and final testing — to your satisfaction. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, we will correct any deficiencies at our expense. We can’t be any fairer than that.
This is in addition to the one-year warranty you receive on the performance of all the gas specialty equipment you purchase except for the regulator, where there is a 60-day warranty.

In addition, you benefit from our investment in new facilities for the gas handling systems we provide. Discover the lengths we go to meet the critical specifications of our customers’ applications. Applied Energy Systems continually adds to and upgrades our equipment in our new 16,500 sq. ft. facility in Malvern, PA.

Applied Energy Systems maintains active professional affiliations in the following societies :

  • ASME – American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • AWS – American Welding Society
  • NFPA – National Fire Protection Association
  • ASTM – American Society of Testing and Materials
  • IEST – Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology
  • ISPE – International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers
  • SEMI – Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International